mardi 19 novembre 2013

SEO BOOST plugin/script

Without a doubt, you will see an increase in Search Engine traffic slightly after installing SEO BOOST !
The SEO BOOST script can easily be integrated in any php website (blog , eCommerce website , ... )
Choosing the right keywords (and long tail keywords) with the highest potential for return, can build the foundation for any SEO campaign. 

(more screenshots below)

Two types of keywords will bring you traffic:

1 / Those you have clearly identified and where you try to position yourself voluntarily .

2 / Those to whom you had not thought of, but though still you bring traffic from search engines.

The second category is mainly composed of keywords and the long tail is about 80 % of your organic traffic.

A surfer does a search on Google and finds one of your articles. SEO BOOST then identifies the search query that has to find your webpage. The script adds the keywords on the page in question in a section like “incoming search terms”
These keywords will bring you more targeted traffic because they are specific to your article, it will give to your website a better ranking thanks to these well-targeted keywords that users will type to find your blog words.

Your pages with little traffic will be found tagged with keyword results

SEO BOOST is perfect for automatically displaying searched keywords in pages on your website (or blog posts) !

You can use the powerful backend options:
Get detailed information about what are the best keywords that drive traffic to your web site and find out which keywords are popular or in trend. This way, you can easily adapt your content to include those keywords and increase your blog traffic.
You'll have the complete list of keywords user use to get to your home page and to your blog post, which then you can use to optimize your web site.

** The script SEO BOOST can help to easily identify the keywords used by people who visit your posts via organic traffic, see the incoming search terms and help on the internal linking of your blog.

-Search engine : google, yahoo, msn, bing,yandex,baidu,excite,lycos,alltheweb,aol,ask,mamma,bellsouth
-You should know that if this plugin is still useful it is less efficient than before because Google has changed the urls and thus by the time the keywords are not specified (in analytics are all "provided").
-Tip : add (or adapt) a robot file so it does not index the directory
-Test with chrome